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shoes review The River Blind Allison Grayhurst

The River Blind Allison Grayhurst

I ordered the Motoactiv as a Christmas gift (as is tradition in my family, we order our own gift, and another family member reimburses you) for myself, early in December.

At first I figured I would only wear it during workouts, now i wear it all the time, as a watch, basal metabolic rate calculator, pedometer, and as an easy way to discreetly check text messages at work.

When paired with a heart rate monitor (garmin premium hrm works great) and bluetooth headphones ( I picked up the LG Tone+) it is true workout bliss.

I originally picked up the Motoactiv so that I could have a small wireless music player, rather than be tethered by earbuds to my cell phone. At the time the fitness tracking features were just a nice bonus. After 1 month the Motoactiv has changed how I look at fitness and how I workout. Now when doing cardio I am much more cognizant of my heart rate, and work out intensity.

Outside the GPS tracking picks up quickly and is very accurate, it displays a map and your track, as well as distance, altitude and time. You can customize what metrics are displayed.

Inside without calibration the distance meter is pretty accurate, if you choose to calibrate it (walking or running on a treadmill for a set time then entering the distance traveled into the Motoactiv) or use a foot pod it is very very accurate

Personally I think this device shines with the golf features. The 8gig now also supports golfers. You set up what states you play in, what clubs are in your bag, and your distances you hit and what tee boxes your playing from. Once that is done, when you walk onto the course the gps tracker locates you, displays the course, and begins acting as your digital caddie, telling you distance to the pin, and suggesting what club to use. It even tracks swings!

I have been very very happy with my purchase.
The only negatives I have encountered were with initial bluetooth pairing , it took about 5 tries. Once it was paired for the first time with my LG Tone+ headphones it has found them every time after with ease.

If your going to wear it everyday i would suggest a screen protector.

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