Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

Our Family's favorite movie on DVD!!! Hooray

Nail Polish Review Horror Living Corpse Tenney Feature

Horror Living Corpse Tenney Feature

Tho i have not watched the whole second feature, 'Horror Of Party Beach' is what i really bought the package for. I was impressed with the trailers and the good quality of the films. I remember watching this particular film on tv on one of those Creature Feature programs that was popular in the 70's.

One annoying fact that i despised was the heavy editing that TV did to this film, which, in my opinion was just a horror film that really couldn't be taken seriously considering how badly acted it was, and that the violence was rather funny in a way.

Growing up and not forgetting bad classics such as these, i would time to time see if i could own an un-cut version and just relax and re-live a time when after my parents went to bed i had the joy to be subjected to films such as these. Guilty pleasures are what they are called.

I am not down-playing the film, as i tend to take an achievement for what it is, entertainment. This film does entertain, despite it's flaws of bad acting and strange 'Beach Party' music. All i can say is, ENJOY!!

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  1. Victoria Mathews14 Desember 2012 02.32

    I'm a horror show addict and would love to own every zombie movie made and just wondering if it would ever be possible!