Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

Thanks for such a nice game.

shoes review RORTOS F18 Carrier Landing Lite

RORTOS F18 Carrier Landing Lite

Tho i have not watched the whole second feature, 'Horror Of Party Beach' is what i really bought the package for. I was impressed with the trailers and the good quality of the films. I remember watching this particular film on tv on one of those Creature Feature programs that was popular in the 70's.

One annoying fact that i despised was the heavy editing that TV did to this film, which, in my opinion was just a horror film that really couldn't be taken seriously considering how badly acted it was, and that the violence was rather funny in a way.

Growing up and not forgetting bad classics such as these, i would time to time see if i could own an un-cut version and just relax and re-live a time when after my parents went to bed i had the joy to be subjected to films such as these. Guilty pleasures are what they are called.

I am not down-playing the film, as i tend to take an achievement for what it is, entertainment. This film does entertain, despite it's flaws of bad acting and strange 'Beach Party' music. All i can say is, ENJOY!!

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  1. I love this game because I love how there are so many chides and I also love is because you like get to fly it wherever you want.

  2. ok so I got this game last night..... its amazing ... my dad is a fighter piolt he says that this game is very realisct and its free .. this game is beast

  3. this has great graphics plus so many fun thing s like free flying!!! but I wish I had the free version....!!!!

  4. Chester Stephenson22 November 2011 14.32

    This game is everything I expected! I play it on my Kindle Fire when I can get it away from my son.......

  5. Jonathan Sargent13 Oktober 2012 14.32

    This game has great graphics and is challenging. Nice to take a break from everything and hit the virtual sky.

  6. This would be a pretty good simulator for even a powerful PC. It is awesome for the kindle and it has two settings for flight control. norma(arcade like) And simulator wich is pretty realistic.

  7. My son is five and loves this game. It is easy enough for him to play and he has landed on the carrier already. Lots of fun.

  8. Thank You for providing a nice game to stay entertained with whenever am not busy doing something else at home.

  9. I reluctantly downloaded the app ( being a fanatic user of big and powerful flight sims on desktop computers) and I was pleasantly surprised by this app. Very good graphics and very challenging missions. A very good experience with this app all in all and I do recommend it for people who love flight sims and military jets. Specially, on a mobile device like Kindle fire.