Senin, 19 Juli 2010

Balanced Quiet and well Designed

wotches man Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

I've had this pellet gun for about five weeks and I have really enjoyed it. I'm not a regular shooter or gun person. I made this purchase to take care of squirrels that cause my two dachshunds and my neighbors dogs to bark incessantly. The squirrels have devoured my apricots, peaches, and pears. I am concerned they could get into my attic and really cause problems.

Once I got the scope sighted in I was amazed at the gun's accuracy. I don't expect pellets to be particularly accurate but at about 20 or 30 yards and hand held I can hit within about half an inch of my target consistently. The trigger has a firm pull and maintaining my target in the cross-hairs of the scope is at times challenging.

The rifle is far from silent especially when shooting supersonic pellets. It sounds more like a 22 long rifle. The subsonic pellets are noticeably quieter.

This gun is quite powerful. It is not a toy. Shooters should always be aware of what may be behind your target. I suspect the pellets have quite a range and could injure someone at considerable distance

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  1. I need a nice silent rifle that is reliable for years to come for small game. My hunting space is limited so I would like it to be as silent as possible in regards to the neighbors. Preferably a wood stock with .177 or .22 calibre, i am fine with either. I have had a Gamo Silent Cat .177 for 2 years now and I can feel it is wearing out. When I shoot a dove or a rabbit I can see it hit the animal but it is not as effective as it was a year earlier. It is becoming weaker and my shots are not as reliable. I would like an air rifle that will give me quality in my shot patterns, and strength. Thanks for the help guys.

  2. The screws that tighten the barrel to the stock got stripped. Its a Gamo Whisper Silent Cat. I already tried the website but they dont have replacement screws

  3. i am about to buy the gamo silent cat and i wanted to know if the 4x32 scope already included with it is good enough for shooting birds, squirels, and little pests like rats. i plan on shooting the rodents about as far as a regular .22 would and the farthest i would probably shoot would be about as long as a football field. please answer asap because i am probably going to order tonight depending on ur answers. thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I know that suppressors are illegal in Australia, I just want know if they are on air rifles as well. Like can you buy a gun like the gamo silent cat in australia?

  5. Really want to buy a powerful rifle to hunt. not ready for a real rifle. But i was just wondering if this kind of gun would work on large animals like a deer. I mostly want to use for small animals.

  6. I rusted the outside of my Gamo Silent Cat .22 when i left it outside last night. I was cleaning a squirrel and i just forgot it in the grass. Now its got rust right underneath the scope.