Selasa, 20 Juli 2010

I loved it

cheap silver heels Four Corners Sky Creation Cosmologies

Four Corners Sky Creation Cosmologies

The Four Corners of the Sky is a very good book to read if you are interested in learning the basic creation story or cosmologies behind many different religions and cultures. The author divides the book into different sections, with related stories in each section which really helps to understand the differences. He talks about a variety of religions, including Maori, Greeks, Egyptians, Incas, Desana Indians, Fon of Africa, and many more. I thought this book was very well written and everything is very straight forward, answering all my questions I had before reading the book. I learned the difference between the various creation stories and now I can explain them to others. I would recommend this book because of how concise the author is with his words and how he keeps the book interesting. At the beginning of each chapter he writes a short paragraph about what you can think about to better understand the story. Overall, great book.

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