Rabu, 28 Juli 2010

Good Steve Roach album to start out with.

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Dreamtime Return

Steve Roach's "Dreamtime Return" is the first ambient soundscape album I purchased back in 1988. Unfortunately, I was too young to appreciate its brilliance until my mind could fully realize the true diamond of pure ambience I had "stumbled" upon. Initially, I was attracted to the cover, but failed to realize the timeless harmonies I had acquired, as evidence by its sustained price. Roach was never able to duplicate the timeless, totally agreeable and mystic collection of tracks, all recorded in Australia with naturally made instruments, including the ubiquitous didgeridoo, pleasantly cast against a backdrop of cave echoes, water drops and indescribable, reverbial twangs that only Steve Roach could create.

Included in this massive, 140-minute ageless collection are sounds of the Aborigines whom Roach befriended during his time in Australia recording "Dreamtime Return," and their haunting, yet pleasant vocals burst forth on "Red Twilight with the Old Ones," a track that could never be duplicated with such originality, such respect for the oldest civilization on earth. I've found that the year doesn't matter. I drop the attitude, close the door, put on the headphones with REPEAT ON, and drift off to a time and place from which I sometimes never want to leave. Roach has struck gold with "Dreamtime Return," and its perfectly balanced waveforms are nothing short of theraputic. Stress, impatience, frustration, rage--all negative emotions--completely dissolve with even one uninterrupted session of "Dreamtime Return," either Disc 1 or Disc 2 on its own or in tandem. "Dreamtime Return," in my book, can even cure insomnia with its matchless blend of pure musical frequencies, like dessert for the brain. No other ambient album comes close, except perhaps "Quiet Music," which caught the coattails of "Dreamtime Return", having very similar qualities, yet distinctly different patterns.

But we must be clear on one thing: "Dreamtime Return," or any other album that Steve has produced has nothing to do with "New Age," and would probably be offended at such a label. No. Soundscape is the proper term, if the genre must be pegged, because it is exactly that. Mr. Roach takes his sounds and shapes them in unison with the landscape. No other artist of our time understands his own work better. I'm sure that if I would have somehow missed Roach's recordings, either through neglect or indifference, the quality of my life and well-being would have suffered. "Dreamtime Return" is the pure essence of what ambient soundscapes were meant to be, and it will never leave my collection. It's as good today as it is tomorrow. I feel sad for those listeners who fail to realize that.

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  1. Title pretty much explains it, but if you think about it, dreams never have an actual beginning. If you know more about dreams, please answer my other question that is currently up too, it's about dream control, lucid dreams, and dream interpretation.

  2. How is this historically proven?

  3. When you threw your boomerang into the dreamtime wind and it didnt return ?

  4. Assuming a flood wiped everyone off the face of the Earth (except for Noah's family), how did the Aboriginal (black/isolated) come to be? Was Noah's wife black? Are Aboriginals, Africans, Asians etc all descendant's of Noah? If such stories aren't to be taken literally, why should I take the story of Jesus literally? Why are these stories any more legitimate than the Quran, etc?

  5. My friend just bought a boomerang from Australia for me. But I dunno how to play with it. Can anyone teach me how.

  6. Jeffrey Preston27 November 2013 12.32

    Need Help. What does the platypus symbolise? aborigines...

  7. Millicent Turner28 November 2013 10.32

    The Christ in The Book said there will be no mistaking His return. It will be like lightning flashing from the East to the West. Every EYE, Third Eye, mind's eye, (like we see pictures in our mind), will see Him at the same time. In a vision. Even if they are asleep, in DreamTime. Not satellite TV, or in spurts.