Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

Best Miniseries on Jesus and the Bible yet

sky review The Bible Epic Miniseries

The Bible Epic Miniseries

We just watched the first part of this series and also an interview w/ the producers( Mark Burnett and wife Roma Downey, who played in the series Touched by an angel), which included additional clips.This series is really well done. It is an overview of the whole bible in less than 10 hours, so they had to leave some stuff out, to make it interesting and develop some characters. We felt ourselves drawn into the story. it is very engaging and the producers have done a great job keeping the thread through it all. I love how they connect all the dots and not just put all the stories next to each other.It starts w/ Noah in the ark, but he tells the story of creation and connects Adams and eves sin w/ the flood.They added their own imaginations to it,for example how Sarah would respond to the sacrifice. I also saw a nice clip of Jesus during the interview and Jesus is portrait as a gentle man w/ authority. Roma gets to play the older mother of Jesus( What's exciting, bec I always loved her as an angel in the Touched by an angel series.)Sure it can be graphic at times, but it also could be worse. It's well worth watching. Can't wait to see the whole series.

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  1. I was waiting for a network to "man up" and do a series on The Holy Bible and not just be politically correct and afraid to talk about God, and finally the History Channel made it possible. Discovery, National Geographic, AMC, etc. Did not want to take that risk. Let me say that it was a profitable risk. This series so far has been amazing and almost 100% accurate..