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Danger, Flooded Rivers, Faith and Love

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This fast-paced and riveting novel skillfully melds two separate but closely related story lines. Cat Majors, hiding from gang-involved boyfriend Ty, who beat her and left her lying along a Texas Hill Country back road, finds shelter in the back seat of a pickup truck. The next thing she knows she's thrust into the middle of the large and noisy Creekmore family, whose Christian beliefs and lifestyle are completely foreign to her. Cat doesn't hesitate to take advantage of the family's kindness, especially since she finds head of the household Sky immensely attractive. In the meantime, she's unaware that her beloved younger teenage sister, Dena, has embarked on her own wild and dangerous excursion. Dena's best friend Natasha is pregnant. Natasha plans to run away from home when her stepfather threatens to perform an abortion himself if Natasha refuses to have one. Dena and Natasha head to Dena's step-grandparents in the Hill Country and through a variety of events, the teen girls find themselves floating down a dangerously flooded river, dodging police, attacking dogs, hunger, and near rape by a group of drunk young men. Cat and Dena, through separate paths, begin to learn how to open their hearts to God and accept Him into their lives. Despite the serious subject matter, this book is written with humor and sensitivity. I found myself "on the edge of my seat" to the end, wondering if Cat would finally escape her abusive boyfriend and perhaps even find real love, if the younger girls would survive their ordeal on the river, and what Natasha would decide to do about her baby. This book is listed as young adult, but I think most adults would enjoy reading it as well.

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