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swimsuits reviews Nothing Gold Can Stay Stories

Nothing Gold Can Stay Stories

Ron Rash's short stories stir the mind to, and renew my perception of, the lower classes in the South, their mindset and ills, like no other writer has. Anais Nin said, "What we are familiar with we cease to see. The writer shakes up the familiar scene, and, as if by magic, we see a new meaning in it."

Ron Rash is a magician then. He's a wizard who, without resorting to stereotypes, writes honestly, and for the most part realistically, about depressing subjects while maintaining, perhaps unintentionally, an optimistic air, or Hope. In a short story, he connects you to the character(s) in a way that's rare. One that struck me particularly hard was "The Ascent" in his collection, "Burning Bright: Stories," about a typical 5th grader whose parents are meth-head scavengers from whom he wishes to fly away.

I purchased "Nothing Gold Can Stay" after reading reviews for this and prior books by Ron Rash. Since I've read this, I've bought and read his other short story books (the ibooks) "Burning Bright: Stories" and "Chemistry and Other Stories." I have enjoyed nearly every story in each volume, even the ones that seem to me somewhat far-fetched like "A Sort of Miracle," with Baroque and Marlboro, in "Nothing Gold..." I get a rush as I start each new story and find nearly every one of them provocative of folks and places and what-nots I've known growing up in the Deep South. For short story collections, you can't beat that. I highly recommend this and the other 2 mentioned above.

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  1. Adrian Mcknight16 Desember 2011 05.32

    Also what does being the mockingjay mean for katniss. I'm reading the thrid book now. But I still don't get it.There's nothing good has happened so far and it just seems a little depressing.

  2. I'm going to a friend's house and we sometimes go out to the fire and tell scary stories. I've already told drip drip drip, and red eyes. I'm really looking for scary stories about dolls(besides Chucky). But anything will help.

  3. What is the poem about? What is the theme? I am having trouble connecting to it. Can it have any connection to the story To Kill a Mocking Bird? I have to pick a poem for a project and I just want to see if this poem shares the same theme as to Kill a Mocking Bird. Thanks! Happy Holidays!

  4. Book and film theres one killing after another. How is that not disturbing?

  5. A couple sentences please.Besides the answer Ponyboy said it.

  6. This is a story that I remembered from when I was a child. It involves a robin that stays in what I believe was London, with a statue. The statue tells the robin to give it's gold leaf covering to poor people including a girl selling matches and a sick boy, and ends up with the robin giving the statue's eyes away. I really want to read this story again!