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shoes review Mountain ebook

Mountain ebook

Liu Cixin is an eloquent and technically precise writer, which makes his works a pleasure to read, but in this story, the romantic sentimentality of a civilization struggling against all odds to realize its potential seeps in gradually among the backdrop of technical grandeur, and the reader is caught in breathless wonder of its power. I still have shivers every time I ride to the climax of the story.
Liu is widely recognized as the best SF writer in all of China; after his terrifyingly powerful long trilogy "Three-Body" (an English translation due to come out soon) his fans declared him absolutely the best SF writer in the world. Though this novella "Mountain" does not have the length to match the epic scope of Three-Body, it is no less breathtaking. This is my favourite shorter story from his works, with majestic poetry echoing in the core of the tale.

Only Liu Cixin can fit such an epic into the length of a novella. Totally recommend it.

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