Jumat, 09 Juli 2010

Touches your heart in so many ways

Nail Polish review The Sky Is Everywhere ebook

The Sky Is Everywhere ebook

As a school librarian I had heard the buzz about Jandy Nelson's debut young adult novel, The Sky is Everywhere, and knew it would be a perfect companion for my road trip from Florida to New York. It did not disappoint me. I was so engaged that I completed the book by the time I reached North Carolina, our first stop. I loved Lennie and her emotional journey from younger sister to adulthood. The themes of loss of a loved one, sexual experimentation, and young love are dealt with delicately and need to be addressed in young adult literature. The beautiful writing is echoed in the poetry written by Lennie throughout the novel. In its heartfelt way we are lead to an understanding of this character and intensely feel her pain and confusion. This book is a must for the teen literature shelves. Share it with someone you love!

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