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vacuum cleaner review Nordcurrent Ltd 101 in 1 Games

Nordcurrent Ltd 101 in 1 Games

-It's tight, durable, and there's no "greasy" feeling like with silicon cases.
-The color has not faded (2+ months so far), and the case is still beautifully glossy.
-The lip around the front face protects the phone/screen great.

The only thing I would change is the top right corner. The phone is exposed with a rectangular hole in the case for the signal/GPS "antenna". I wish the hole wasn't so freaking big. I'm always scared the phone will drop exactly on that spot and become damaged.

I have a theory. Mercury is also a product of Korea, so I'm guessing that's why the case is so perfectly molded for the S3. I've dropped my phone a couple times already and the thing is still looking brand new. I'm very happy with the purchase, and I've already bought some other colors.

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  1. Sophia Garrison27 November 2010 03.32

    I enjoy the games and didn't lose anything in the upgrade at all. I only have one thing I can say is that I don't
    Like waiting for a new game to be offered. Ive been waiting weeks for one and still waiting and all my games are
    completed.This is my only complaint. I feel once a game is completed another should come available immediately...
    It keeps the player playing!

  2. addictive and fun... u don't get bored because the games change and its challenging to get to new fun games.

  3. interesting games. very challenging at times though. addicting because you want to unlock the next much fun will reccommend

  4. Albert Mcdonald22 Oktober 2012 12.32

    keeps me entertained. as well as my children. my kids can play these games for hours. simple yet challenging and that's what makes us keep coming back for mpre

  5. its fun to play. I have spent hours playing it. I haven't played all the games but I am working on it lol.

  6. I have had so much fun on this game and I will never get tired of it. it is very fun and addicing

  7. this game is amazing fun and challenging it is apropreate and good for kids there are all different types of games some are fun and some can be a little boaring