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Hammaka 10302 KP 3002 HMKA Tripod Stand

Cute and adorable clothing patterns for children ages 2-12 years of age and their companions abound in this book. Author Brandy Fortune has put together a collection of nineteen patterns each for child and a 15 inch doll that would be relatively simple to knit and loved by a child. The book has patterns for ballet wraps, pinafores, boys' color work sweaters, jackets, shrugs, skirts, and even bracelets.

The patterns list yarns that are usually found in specialty yarn shops, such as Blue Sky alpaca or Lorna's Laces. The patterns do use yarns in common weights, so it will be possible to substitute if a knitter chooses to do so.

There are a few things in particular I really love about this pattern collection; the photographs, the dolls, and the customization suggestions beginning on page 8. The collection itself has enough variety that if you want to knit for children, you will probably be able to find something for almost every child in this book. The dolls that are wearing the matching pieces are all 15 inch cloth bodied dolls. the dolls are adorable, and remind me of Kathy Kruse Waldorf style dolls. The book states that many of the patterns should also fit on 18 inch dolls, like American girl, without much adjusting needed. This bring s me to the third thing I like about this book - on page 8 Fortune tells how to use actual body measurements from children or dolls to adjust the patterns to a custom fit. Since children (and their dolls) do not have bust and waist shaping, adjusting patterns for them is much easier then for adult women. With the ability to customize, this book just made itself even more worthwhile. Knitters will need not fear a poor fit in their gifts to small loved ones.

Fortune is herself a busy mother to small children. She is the editor/founder of petite, an online knitting magazine. Fortune designed the patterns to be relatively quick to knit, with interesting stitches and patterning, and also to be comfortable to the children who would wear them.

Patterns I hope to knit from the book include the ballet shrug featured on the cover, the owl sweater for a boy, the felted crown hat, and the jesse bear hat. The hats are simple and whimsical enough that kids would not fight wearing them during cold snaps, and may even want to use them in their pretend play.

If you enjoy knitting for chidden, this is a lovely addition to your home knitting library.

FCC disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for my knitting website at I received no compensation from the publisher for this review. All of my reviews are of my honest opinion.

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  1. I had a set of these abut 6 years ago, they were thinner and they rusted and got locked in palce and the buttons slipped. WELL NO MORE. These are much heavier, strudy, have additional safety mechanisms they are excelletn thanks so much.