Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

The Book that proved the importance of the CROWD - READ IT BEFORE INVESTING!!!!!

bike review Extraordinary Popular Delusions Madness ebook

Extraordinary Popular Delusions Madness ebook

The author tracks historical mass-mistakes with such clarity that it is easy to see the parallels with the world of today.

As has been noted in other reviews, the current stock market overinflation and collectibles craze are clearly paralleled by previous events. A parallel which I haven't seen in other reviews here is the current 'alien invasion/x-files' obsession with the long running belief in alchemy. The same figures play roles.. the naive believer and the swindling fraud, most prominently.

Our current astrology revival is only the latest wave of belief in this ancient 'art' and homeopathy has much in common with 'animal magnetism.'

I think that every young person, every person should read it to gain an appreciation of the tools we have to sort out the sense from the nonsense as well as a historical perspective on how much human nature has not changed in its eagerness to believe in the face of reason.

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