Rabu, 25 Agustus 2010

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wedding dress Photographing Families Capturing Timeless Images

Photographing Families Capturing Timeless Images

Michele is an amazing photographer and has taken photos of my family for the past 5 years. She has literally watched our children grow up through the lens of her camera and year after year has worked her magic to get incredible photos that we have shared with our friends and family. My wife and I are always awe-struck at her photography abilities and having this book to learn her tips and tricks directly is great!

I am a very amateur photographer and have dabled in more than point and shoot after buying my first DSLR a couple years ago. Michele's book is chock full of information that will be very helpful for me in taking my skills up to the next several levels. The flow of the content in the book is great and is very easy to follow. The material builds on itself as you go through the book and gives you a lot of hands on stuff that you can put into practice immediately.

Thank you Michele for sharing your gift and for passing on your expertise!

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  1. My friend's birthday is coming. I want to put our childhood photo into handmade oil painting. But Where can I turn my photo into handmade oil painting?

  2. Amalia Santiago15 Desember 2011 11.32

    I am a stay at home mom, needing to earn extra money. I lost my dad a few years back and started scanning family photos. Research says that photos and videos are degrading daily. After any natural disaster, news crews capture families searching thru rubble hoping to find just a single priceless photo... I know that every family has the need to save these timeless treasures... So ??? what is the best way to market my photo scanning service my very limited budget?