Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010

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Beneath the Sky ebook

I just finished re-reading Beneath The Sky. As with the first time through, I found myself alternating between tears, huge grins, and moments of held breath, even though this time I'd read it before and knew how it would come out. Dan Thompson creates believable characters, compelling situations, and the kind of complex politics that make such a small world so very very real. His tone is easy to read without being condescending, with enough science to put us in space but not so much that those of us without degrees can't enjoy the story. My only real complaint is that when the last page is past I've become so attached to the characters and so involved in the tale I'm far from ready for it to be over. This is a book I'll re-read many times and can hardly wait for my children to discover on the bookshelf. I look forward with real delight to more of his work becoming available; if it is all as good a read as Beneath The Sky we are in for a real treat. Buy this book! You will not regret it. :)

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