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Learn what happens when you are not vigilant in keeping God's law.

wotches man Elijah William H Stephens

Elijah William H Stephens

This story, based on the Old Testament book(s) in the Bible starts with the corruption of the Israelites by the swaying of crafty Pheonicians. It delves into the story a great number of Israelites ruled by KIng Ahab and of course his wife, Queen Jezebel dropped their faith in God and turned to the Baalism (primarily, the pagan gods, Merlkart and Ashura).

It gives incite when:
Prophet Elijah pronounces the famine to King Ahab. Elijah
Elijah being fed by the Ravens, the famished widow and her son,
Elijah meeting Elisha
The contest on Mount Carmel - where God set the sacrificial bull on fire.
Elijah's on the run from Jezebel and his depression while traveling as a hermit
Elijah hearing the command in the The stillness rather than the storms and earthquake
Elijah coming back to give the prophecy to Ahab
Ahab's death
Elijah giving prophecizing to Ahab's sons
Death of a son of Ahab and his constant denial of God's power
Elijah taken up to the sky by the whirlwind and passing the torch to Elisha
Death of Jeroam
Jezebel's death
Jeru's crowning

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