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Crack in The Sky/ By Terry C. Johnston

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Crack Titus Bass Terry Johnston

This book, a prequel to the wonderfully written novel "Carry the Wind", is one of the best books in the 9 volume Titus Bass series. What I liked most about this particular entry in the series is that the reader experiences how Bass comes into his own as a free trapper in the Rocky Mountain West of the 1820-1830's. The period dialogue, action, and Johnston's masterful depiction of the scenery help establish a strong sense of period and place.

As with all of Johnston's works, this volume weaves fictitious characters into real historical events. The writing is captivating, action-packed, and brutally realistic. I found the depiction of the battle between Bass and a long-sought foe to be particularly violent and graphic yet it was necessary to the story. The world lost a wonderful writer and historian when Johnston died in 2001; luckily he left us with his writings. Anyone wanting to read a great work of historical fiction or anyone who is a student of the fur trade, Indian Wars, or Western American history simply can't go wrong with one of Johnston's books and "Crack in the Sky" is among the best.

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