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Loved all the books so far, cannot wait for the next book in the series

wedding dress Highland Defiance MacLomain Series ebook

Highland Defiance MacLomain Series ebook

This is a wonderful book for everyone, but since it is really marketed for children, this is how I will comment on this book. This story will help children not to be afraid and sad when someone they are missing, whether it be through death or by distance, are still in their heart. Just the way the story is told any child will feel comforted by the fact that they are always connected by the feelings in their heart to another loved one. This book will help if a pet has died or just went to live somewhere else. If a friend had to move away or if a parent just went to work. I bought it because my sister-in-law is very sick and will not be living to much longer. She has a 6 year old daughter and I thought this book would help to know that her mommy still loves her and that she is still with her in her heart.

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  1. I love her books, They always seem to come to life right before your eyes. I have read the entire MacLomain Series and including The Kings Druidess. The author not only proves a true love lives beyond time but trust when fully given is a wonderful omen to the relationship that makes life worth living! I will definitely be reading all books written by this "Amazingly Gifted Author!"

  2. I'm not real sure I care for prequels but it was nice to have some answers to questions that I had with the previous books in this series. Although after reading this book, it makes me want to go back and read the others in the series. The male character, Adlin plays a big role in the other books in the series but you really don't know much about him so it was nice to get to know him a little.

  3. I love this book very much only I am confused in some of the story i will have to read more

  4. If you love magic and Scotland you will love the mix of history and Celtic magic, love the books, cannot wait for the next one

  5. Excellent book. Love the entire MacLomain Series. Can't wait for next book. A wonderful read. If you haven't checked out Sky Purington yet, you don't know what you're missing. Give it a try and get the boxed set: The MacLomain Series (books 1-4). You will get hooked as I did. Enjoy.

  6. A whole new side of Adlin and Mildred! I've followed them through the MacLomain Series. What a treat learning how they first met. It's easy to understand why their love endured the generations. Though the story has a touch of bittersweet, I truly enjoyed this read.

  7. I found this book to be one that was really worth reading. The book contains a lot of action by the hero who confounds the opposition single handedly and with the assistance of his family tribes who work together beautifully. It also contains a love story of immense proportions full of great sex and real love between a man and a woman. Really worth reading. I gave it a five star rating.

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    The series, 3 volumes...Sons of Arthur (King Arthur)

  8. Nelson Hatfield11 Desember 2012 04.32

    Mildred and Adlin's story is one of simple beauty. This is the kind of book you want to read over and over. I read this snuggled under the covers in one long setting. What an amazing way to spend a cold winter's evening. Ms. Purington has done it again. This series just keeps getting better. What a special, yummy, gorgeous treat.

  9. Sky has done it again. Swept me up in another awesome romantic time travel adventure. It's better if you read her other MacLomain books first since they refer to this love story, but it won't matter that much. I can't wait for her next book to come out. Keep writing, Sky!